Being Human (Spoken Word)

So, I’m going to put it out there
Though it may seem a bit intrusive
And it’s not as if I don’t care
I’m not trying to be abusive

‘Cause really, I’m with you… and you are just like me
Regardless of your background or your sexuality

This thing I want to tackle and am needing to address
Has got me locked in shackles and my mind is in a mess
This ever-growing acronym – a most peculiar thing
With countless variations and it never spells a thing!

Now, when I was a young ‘un and was fresh upon the scene
There weren’t too many options and with not much in between
I knew I wasn’t straight – on that, I was quite certain
No plans to seek or take a peek behind a velvet curtain

The L just wasn’t plausible
The B still didn’t fit
Had tried to date some women
But was made to feel a tit
The G was when it happened
That’s when I felt alive
A slick gay bar, the best by far
It’s where I’d go to thrive

But spending time at uni with some more progressive sorts
Slipped in a few more letters and a bit of food for thought
With trans and queer and intersex to mention but a few
Then over time, our acronym – it only grew and grew!

So years have passed and now, at last, we’ve hit a steady-state
Of multiple divisions which we’ll only learn to hate
There are letters upon letters but when did they all appear?
It’s got me feeling all mixed up – my thinking less than clear
The L and B and G and T… and also Q and plus
With all these new additions and it’s causing quite the fuss
Like what goes where along the line and which ones don’t we say?
Then how and why we best define with what’s on-trend today?

So, stop – just for a minute
Let’s give it some more thought
Exclusively inclusive – it’s a thing I can’t support
There are labels upon labels in this alphabet soup
We’ve spread ourselves too thinly and it’s time that we regroup

Because the one important factor and what really makes us strong
Is this thing we have in common and which shows we all belong
A single, handy label which will cover every trait
With no need for such divisions whether LGB or straight

So, no longer will I identify as a…

Kinky, gay, sometimes leather, cis-gendered androsexual, with fleeting bisexual tendencies and periods of feeling somewhat asexual… though that could be the anti-depressants!

Instead, I’ll present myself as human
And I’ll see you as human, too
As to identify as human
Is the simplest thing to do
I’ll express my human feelings
And I’ll share my human dreams
I’ll take on your human anger
And I’ll hear your human screams
Together, we’ll be human
And just what more could we ask
As we shed these extra letters
And peel off our armoured masks
We’ll get used to being human
As we take it day by day
And enjoy our human silence
When there’s nothing left to say
Then I’ll appeal to other humans
Until at last we’re all agreed
That my identity is human
And it’s the only one I need.

Aiden Bex