I had wanted one since my teens
An eyebrow piercing
That was the 90s
In a time when
Such piercings were trendy
Thanks to the boy bands of the time

I didn’t have the courage
When I was younger
Too worried that it might
Effect my future
Fail a job interview
Bring judgement from others

Aged 40, I finally did it
Pierced my eyebrow
A double piercing
To make up for all those lost years
Of pleasing others instead of myself

My husband didn’t want me to do it
He doesn’t find them sexy
Not like me
But then, he is younger
His 90s experience was different
Different than mine

One day, I caught it sharply
Hooked on my t-shirt
As I undressed
I almost lost
Part of my face

Since then
It just won’t settle
Not with salt baths
Not with TLC
Or even simply
Left alone

Now, aged almost forty-two
The time has finally come
For me to admit
That this thing on my face
Which I love
Has to go

Not only as a nurse
But also as a gay man
Even I know
Crusty eyebrow pus
Just isn’t sexy!

Aiden Bex