Daily Drink (Spoken Word)

It’s a disease, he says
A disease of the mind
It’s a disorder
And it’s dangerous

Again, the doctor dictates
Now doubling his drive to dissuade me
In my desire to drink

Determined to deftly deliver his directives
He dispatches deductions designed to deter
Drilling them deep to demonstrate disapproval
Of my delinquent ways

Daily drinking is a dangerous disorder
You may have developed a deadly dependency

Did I detect a dash of derision in his delivery?
Derived from my devilish disclosure of debauchery

Doing his duty as a doctor, no doubt
Though dreadfully dramatic with his devastating diagnosis

Was I in denial? Doubtful

Deliberately, I had dragged my derriere to his domain
Displaying my doubts and disclosing, without duress
Not devoid of docility or demureness
Deciding to declare my dreams of detoxification

Detached, I deliberated the debate
And my doctor’s distinctly Draconian declarations

Decadent drinking? I didn’t disagree
But not dim-wittedly so or drowning deeply in debt

I do admit to discovering darkness
During my days of dreadful depression
Despondent, I had drank
Though diligently diverging from downright destruction

I did not depict myself a drunkard

I was only demanding a little direction
A discreet discussion
Some dos and don’ts of drinking decorum
From a delightfully dashing
Yet deceptively discerning doctor

How dare he distort my disclosure
So dogmatic with his diabolical dictums
Depriving me of my dodgy, demonised ideals
Whilst driving me to distress

With dampened spirits
Defiantly, I delve into the depths of my mind
Desperate to disprove this doctor
With the distribution of a definitive and driven address

What’s with all the D-words, dickhead?
In my defence, I was indeed drunk!

Dare I divulge debacles from days of dabbling with drugs?!
Definitely not!

My name is AidenBex and I’ve not drunk alcohol for… well, at least a few minutes.

So that’s me done!

Aiden Bex