Devil In Me

‘Twas All Hallows’ Eve in the dead of the night
Nobody was here and no creatures in sight
Just a sinister silence as I sat alone
With no knocks on the door or a ring on the phone
Then lo and behold – oh, what should appear
But a devilish beast sent to fill me with fear
With fire in its eyes, fresh blood on its teeth
And a good length of malice just lurking beneath
So, closer it came with its evil embrace
Knocked me right down and then sat on my face
A battle of wills as I wrestled the drop
Flipped it right over and landed on top
Then, straddled and addled, it let out a whine
But showing no mercy this battle was mine
Grabbed onto its horn and pulled hard on its fur
It turned into quite the climactic affair
Not had so much fun since the day I was born
The time I rode Satan’s unicorn!

Aiden Bex