Man Meets Metal (Spoken Word)

Recently, I’ve found myself getting into piercings
They’re my latest trait
I think they’re great
And although some people hate
Feel they can alter one’s fate
For the worse
Or are simply adverse
To the notion of putting a pin through the skin
It’s a sin
They think it’s perverse
But it’s diverse
Not a curse
So, I’m telling you straight
Don’t get into a state
Or even try to debate or coerce
There’s so much worse
In the weight of our universe

So, please
Don’t let this pass
I don’t mean to be crass
I’m not trying to show brass
Acting like a jackass who likes giving sass
Just wanted to share what I feel is First Class
And what better way than to do it en masse
In a spoken word vlog that no one could surpass

That’s the trick
And though I’m sure I’ll get some stick
Accused of making you sick
I never thought I’d get such a kick
From a piercing so slick
As a circle of metal through the end of my dick

Looped through the meatus and out by the frenulum
As the cock hangs down to swing like a pendulum
An adrenalin trigger – you’re forced to succumb
And let out a shriek or a harsh muffled hum
When it hooks onto something
Or presses too hard
Just one tiny movement can catch you off guard

But still, despite my objections
And those rude interjections from night-time erections
When swelling on swelling can bring my eyes welling
With tears for the fear it’s been split into sections
I still have an affection
A strong predilection
And almost no retrospection
Of a time when at night I could easily settle
When to pee didn’t bite like the sting of a nettle
That a foreskin now tight wasn’t chafing on metal
And my penis felt right and was in finest fettle

So, why? I hear you cry
Were you high?

Some cannot believe
Or even try to conceive
Why a guy
Would slip one in the eye
To come out underside
Of his shaft
Must be daft

Well, no trends have been steered
Haven’t copied from peers
No relenting through jeers
And there weren’t any beers
Or even tears, surprisingly!

You may not understand
That it wasn’t planned
No prior demand
For metal and glans
To meet
What a treat!
Just a tiny spot of research beforehand
My head wasn’t completely buried in the sand!

So forgive the intrusion
As I reach my conclusion
Of the story and glory
Of a pierced protrusion
I wouldn’t want any confusion

I just thought it’d be fun
Probably not for everyone

But surely it’s nice to experience life
Regardless of strife
To take a hold of that dice
And just roll
Sell your soul
Throw caution to wind and get your knees skinned
On the whole

So all to remain
Is the knowledge to gain
To get it into your brain
Why on earth one would suffer such pain
With free will
For a thrill
And then complain
Well, these issues shall wane
But, trust me, the orgasms are utterly insane!

Aiden Bex