Perspective (Spoken Word)

I want to write a poem of misery and despair
Of suffering and sadness
All those unanswered prayers
And that stench of regret as it hangs in the air

I would fill it with pain
Laced with death and disease
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MC | The Write Release | The Quadrant, Brighton | January 2019

Being Human (Spoken Word)

So, I’m going to put it out there
Though it may seem a bit intrusive
And it’s not as if I don’t care
I’m not trying to be abusive

‘Cause really, I’m with you… and you are just like me
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R U CLEAN?! (Spoken Word)

It’s a bright and sunny summer’s day
I’m home alone – the husband’s away
And I’m running a list
Of the things I could do
Maybe meet up with friends
Have a drink or two?

I reach for my phone


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Welcome to Wonderland

Where one may wish
To while away the weeks
Woozily watching the weird and willowy wordsmiths
Weaving their witty words in such wondrous ways
Whipping the whirring wheels of a wild imagination

Well, as I wearily work to

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