Stella’s Calling (Spoken Word)

I’m hearing a voice and it whispers my name
Wants to lead me astray lest it drive me insane
It’s Stella, I’m sure – I can tell by my thoughts
Feeling them twist all around and distort
As truths become lies and my senses the same
So crazy to think that I’d tire of her game
’cause Stella knows best and she tells it so well
How she lures me through heaven then straight down to hell
That promise of pleasure – the immediate fix
I’m so quickly seduced as she goes for my lips
And it’s hard to resist though I know that it’s wrong
Then tipping the scales as she moistens my tongue
Embracing her tightly with nothing to gain
But heaps of regret and a handful of shame

Defences are down and she’s led me too far
She’s altered my mind which has lowered the bar
And I know where it’s heading – a familiar score
First tasting sweet nectar then longing for more
As she pumps through my veins like only she could
Whilst tainting my thoughts – and right now, there’s a flood
She’s hell-bent on fun and forsaking my pride
Inviting another along for the ride

Most often, it’s Mandy – a marvellous lass
Keeps going for hours and never too crass
She’s all about cuddles and feeling that love
An angel of mercy sent down from above
But as time escapes me and hours tick by
Coherence replaced with a glint in the eye
Our Mandy’s forgotten in sight of another
When Charlie steps up to take me as his lover
So smooth and refined, an agreeable chap
He settles right in whilst he bridges the gap

But Charlie lack stamina and peaks far too fast
As he tries to regain with a bump that won’t last
A high that’s intense yet over so quick
From the buzz in my brain to the twitch in my dick
With one last attempt to get back on track
I’m relying on Stella to tighten the slack
But Stella’s too beat and Charlie’s still lagging
The battle now over with three of us flagging
So calling it time and admitting defeat
I’m heading for home as I make my retreat

But all is not lost as waiting right there
Is beautiful Brandy with patience to spare
Seductively strong and she knows that I’m weak
With no hope to resist as she works her mystique
Once cupped in my hands where she marks my desire
To sink deep inside her igniting a fire
My long kiss with Brandy goes straight to my head
As she leads me away to collapse in my bed